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College Admission consulting services

ProEd wants to prove its worth as the most dedicated education consultant in Dubai by helping secure a place at the best school. Regardless of your native country or first language, a ProEd consultant will give counsel you in accomplishing your academic goals.

Our comprehensive college counseling package has been applauded by many education consultants in Dubai because of the extremely effective one-on-one counseling which equips high school students with a customized plan of action that revolves around student’s personality type, learning style and dominant modes of intelligence. The students are also introduced to motivational workshops, made to develop study skills and taught efficient time management. ProEd enjoys bending over backwards for the students to give them assistance with college and major selection, college application personal statements and get the elusive letters of worthy recommendation.

Which college is best for you ?

Many study abroad consultants in Dubai believe that if a college is selected supported by prudent planning and extensive background research, then it’s all downhill from there. In our effort to becoming an efficient education consultancy, we prepare a plan of action for you based on the background research of the college you selected, thereby securing your future. Be sure that your selection matches all your needs and idiosyncrasies requirements, like lifestyle, social habits, extracurricular interests, even the Weather conditions, in addition to the academic!

Get the guidance you need

College admission process has lately become more complicated and competitive than ever before and it is clear that things won’t get easier in the future because the number of high schools students applying to colleges with enhanced resumes sparkling with extracurricular achievements supported by perfect standardized test scores and flawless GPAs is ever-increasing. To ensure that you get the admission to high quality colleges prolifically, let ProEd Admissions Services help you with proper education counseling. Our team of counselors will stand by you, giving vital guidance and sharing the expertise, placing you well-ahead of the race in an intelligent, efficient and successful manner!

Contact us at the ProEd office by phone or email to learn more and set up a complimentary session.

Pro Ed has proved to be an insightful and supportive team of dedicated and experienced educators!

Riya Jaggi
DPS, DUBAI 2018, Accepted for Computer Science Cornell University CLASS OF 2022