Vision, Mission & Values


To treat the needs of each and every student as uniquely as the individuals they are.


To bridge the gap between our student’s educational dreams and their goals by providing higher education opportunities both locally and internationally.


We treat education as our passion, not a business. Through this approach, ProEd ensures that every family who comes through our door receives the same attention to detail and care that they require. Our aim is not to filter students to schools we partner with (although yes, we do have partners), or to give you a blind guarantee to get into a top school in a particular country. Our aim is to listen to their needs- budget, family-related, geographical and vocational, to name a few- and then deliver based on those considerations.
We accomplish this in three ways:

  • Advising, counseling and preparing students professionally and personally for admission to internationally accredited higher education institutions.
  • Working closely with higher education institutions to broaden our knowledge base and provide information about a diverse range of universities to students.
  • Providing assistance to secondary schools in supporting their students during the college application/preparation process.

Contact us at the ProEd office by phone or email to learn more and set up a complimentary session.