College Preparation Roadmap

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What to Prepare For & When to Prepare For It

The chances of success are zero in the absence of a specific plan, so don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach towards academic excellence. Since college admission is something where the margin of error is very small as you cannot afford to jeopardize your career and future, so make sure you have an experienced team guiding you all along the way. Your ProEd counselor will help you carefully assess your individual strengths, weaknesses and the challenges you may face and set you on a customized path to achievement.

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I owe a great deal due to the untiring efforts of the ProEd team.
Being offered admissions & scholarships to University of North Carolina, Raleigh (Nuclear Engineering), State university of New York, Suny Buffalo (Mechanical Engineering) ,University of Maryland ,College Park (Electrical Engineering)

GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai, Purdue University class of 2020