About ProEd

Why ProEd?

At ProEd, we take a holistic approach to admissions, career counseling and study abroad education consulting in Dubai. Our proven track record is due to our customized approach to meeting with each family, and we do this through our staff and consultants, who have experience from every corner of the business, professional and higher education landscape. Our counselors are parents who have been through this process, teachers who have spent years in the classroom with children of all ages, and former US university admissions officers, who can provide insight into what colleges look for when selecting students. With all of these factors combined, we are united in our goal towards helping students reach their dream university and career.

Bridging the Gap – What is the Gap?

The Gap is the space between where a student is now, and what university they want to be at. Our goal is to partner with, and educate, teachers, counselors and student son university admissions processes, so that together we can help each student begin their higher education journey. ProEd offers those who are college-bound the tools to bridge that gap.

The world of college admissions and career planning is multi-faceted and as a career guidance and education consultants in Dubai, we can show you how to tackle these layers. Today, universities are not only concerned with the academic excellence of those who are admitted, but also ensuring each individual is well-rounded. Their goal is to prepare students for the real world, making them desirable candidates for employment. With the surge in quality applicants, institutions must identify suitable candidates beyond the basic requirements.

Bridging the Gap – Realizing Your Dream

Every students path to a successful future starts at a different point. Some have already planned out their ideal careers and are in progress of pursuing it; while others may be completely clueless of how to take the next steps forward. Regardless of where you stand, do not worry as our team of focused education consultants in UAE is here to help you in turning your dreams to reality.

For education consultants, identifying the right school is a very important step and the margin of error is very small, as a wrong decision can prove counterproductive. A student is interests, background and profile are the main components, which determine which universities are the best fit specifically for them. As any education consultant in the UAE will tell you, applying to only one university can be a bad idea. At most schools, the competition is so high that the chances of rejection is very likely if you do not find the best type of school for you and prepare your application properly, so it is important to keep your options open. But do not worry- ProEd immense experience in study abroad consultancy in Dubai will be at your service to guide you to your dream university and career.
A specialized, targeted preparatory program is the roadmap to success. Students should feel free to explore unique opportunities beyond their imminent reach. Although the entire process is a lot to shoulder from a child who also needs to study and develop, the byproduct of this process which are the development of self-motivation, self-esteem and focus will last a lifetime.

Keeping this in mind, we have created ProEd. Our approach is designed to help students to develop and embody essential key skills, which help them in their educational and professional careers. Beyond enrichment, we offer students our expert university admissions knowledge to help them make the right choices be it in preparing for the next milestone in their college careers or in identifying vital opportunities that may await them.

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